Getting Closer!

All of the fundraising for MI is complete! Woo Hoo! What an incredible feeling... Our fundraising is getting closer and closer to the goal for San Diego. The support we've seen this year is just amazing.

We collectivly have raised $32,808.50 to date.

That equates to a 2009 HUMMER H3 (to bad it does not come in pink)

Or that's like eating a $5 footlong from Subway for lunch every day for 25 years straight! (Come on... sing along. "FIVE... FIVE DOLLAR... FIVE DOLLAR FOOT LONG!")

Or a morning pick-me-up from Starbucks! ( 40 years of Monday's.... )

How about a Dell laptop? Yep, you could buy 50 pink laptops... that could be a laptop for every person in my office. (If only I could get that approved...)
All of those things are nice but the amazing thing is the money we raise will be put to a much greater gift. The hope that one day we will not need to worry about our mothers and sisters and daughters and friends... today, the chance that they will be touched by cancer is 1 in 8!

Thank you for all of your support!

If you would like to make a donation, check out our team page! www.the3day.org/goto/coconutterstrutters09

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  1. You guys are amazing! I hope you walk with no blisters and much joy! :)