Fundraising Friday... and snail mail!

Fundraising Friday!

Michigan & Twin Cities Update
Michigan is only 3 weeks away and the team is over $25,000 in donations!  The Twin Cities team is just 4 weeks away and they are close to $10,000 in donations!

We appreciate your support all year long - if you would like to send some support to your favorite coconut while they are at camp, check this out!  
{an encouraging note for 60 miles}

Twin Cities
Send us snail mail  by Aug. 5th and we’ll find it in the camp mail box!

Susan G. Komen 3-Day Camp Mail
P.O. Box 927
Union Lake, MI 48387-0927
Send a snail mail by Aug. 12th and we’ll find it at the camp mailbox!

Susan G. Komen 3-Day Camp Mail
PO Box 263
Rosemount, MN 55068

Click Here to donate $10 and your favorite coconut will receive a sweet treat at camp!  (by Aug 1st).

Click Here to donate $10 and your favorite coconut will receive a sweet treat at camp!  (by Aug 8th).

MaryAnn Romain-Peterson

Maxine Przybylowicz
Lisa Smith
Vanessa DeKoekkoek
Holly Jacobson
Vicki Ellis
Heidi Strasser
Kristi Mulligan
Jim DeKoekkoek
Kim Alder
Vanessa DeKoekkoek
Lisa Smith

All of the coconuts listed in bold are still working on their minimum fundraising goal of $2,300.  Click on their name to help them reach their goal today!

Fundraising Friday - NEW COCONUTS!

Maxine Przybylowicz and Karen Pearson are new to our team but not to the 3-Day event. 

Maxine, Karen and Victoria on event in 2013

This year is Karen’s 9th year participating in the 3-Day and Maxine’s 6th year.  They are mother and daughter. Karen will be walking and Maxine will be crewing this year.  Karen was injured in a car accident in December and has undergone knee surgery and weeks of therapy. However, she is determined to walk again this year.  She says she may be slower than usual but she will do it.  Any of you that have taken part knows that feeling, it's just something you have to do.  Karen wasn't sure she would be able to walk this year so she is behind in her fundraising. 

If you would like to donate to Karen, please click here


In support of a family that is very close to our hearts, please take a moment to pray for the Rubensons today. For those of you who are interested, Ward Church is going to live stream her celebration of life Thursday July 17th at 11:00 AM EST. You can access the stream at

In Abby's name, our team will be making a donation to Mott Child Life program.  If you would like to contribute, please contact Vanessa.

Abby with the coconuts, 2013

Getting Close!


Fundraising Friday!

Today's update is more of a progress report!  Look at how much you've helped us raise- we're getting very close to our goals and can't wait for the 3-Day event!

Total raised (so far, this year) $35,433.60

Thank you for all of the support!

Fundraising Friday!

Happy Friday!

Here we are... only 49 days away from the Michigan event.
... 56 days away from the Twin Cities event and 132 days away from the Dallas event.  (EEK!)

We have a very special birthday girl with a BIG wish... 
"Save the Coconuts"!  Donate today!
 { Happy Birthday, Laura! }

If you would like to make a donation, here are a few of the coconuts who are working on their $2,300 goal.  Just click on their name to support their mission.

Michigan Walkers

Twin Cities Walkers

Dallas Walkers

Fundraising Friday, with birthday cake!


Happy Fundraising Friday!  

Today I have an extra special request- 2 of the coconuts celebrated their birthdays this week and we want to party!

Marathon Coconut (Char) and Dancing Coconut (Heidi) are both veteran walkers on our team. They both share the hope that their children won't need to walk in their honor!  

Char during the Atlanta event in 2011.  This year Char is walking in the Dallas event, click here to wish her a happy birthday with a donation!

Heidi (and her mom) during the Atlanta event in 2011.  This year, Heidi is walking in the Twin Cities event, click here to wish her a happy birthday with a donation!

Thank you for all of your support!

60 days 'till 60 miles!

We are only 60 days away from walking 60 miles in the Michigan 3-day event!  Please help us reach our goal - the money raised gives us hope for a brighter future {without cancer}.

The future coconut pictured above is lucky to call her grandmother a survivor! 

75% of the net proceeds raised help support Susan G Komen's Research and Training Grant Program and large public health outreach programs for women and men facing breast cancer. The remaining 25% helps fund local community and Affiliate support and outreach programs. 

Thank you for giving us hope!