Natasha Strong


We received a special note from a friend this week... please read Natasha's story and contribute if you can!

This last year I've been inspired by a very close family friend during her grueling journey with Breast Cancer.  Last spring at the young age of 28, Natasha was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer.  She has since been through several rounds of chemo, surgery and is now facing radiation therapy.  Due to the intense treatment she was receiving she was forced to take a leave of absence from her job at University of Wisconsin Hospital and clinics.   Natasha is a remarkable woman with unbelievable strength and determination.  She also is an amazing mother to two beautiful girls, Paisley, 4 & Mea, 2, that she shares with her devoted partner Charles.  I've thought and thought about what I could do to help and finally decided to use my crocheting skills to raise some money for her beautiful little family.  I know that every little bit helps, and my hope is that this will work for her in a BIG WAY!  The hats cost $24, $20 of that will go towards Natasha and her family.   I’m also going to offer the hat in children’s sizes for $18, with $15 going to Natasha.  The hats can be customized to your liking: white, black, or pink and the button closure of your choosing.  I have simple buttons that work great with all three colors BUT I also ordered specialty Breast Cancer ribbon buttons.  Feel free to write, call or email me with any questions, I would be happy to mail the hats if need be.  AND…

Thank you in advance for any contribution you can provide!

Sarah Stradling
96 McKibbin St. Highland Park, IL 60035
(I also accept paypal)

A Moment

As a participant of the 3-day, we receive emails to help keep us on track and updated on everything we need to know prior to the event. Last week, the email touched on ways to fundraise and to our surprise our team was pictured at the top!

How cool is that?  

I try to write these blog posts on behalf of the team, but as the captain I can't begin to explain the emotions that hit me when I look at this picture. At this precise moment I was standing on the opening stage trying my hardest not to cry my eyes out as I explain in a few short sentences "why I walk". The photographer just happened to catch my team as I spoke with a shaky voice. The look on their faces and the tears in their eyes had nothing to do with walking but everything to do with that moment where every single one of us recalled the reason we walk. 

You've got to admit, walking 60-miles sounds pretty extreme. But if for just one moment during those 60-miles, we can feel empowered enough that we made a difference in a cancer free future ... We will never stop. If for just one moment we can feel the presence of someone we have lost ... We will never stop. 

I don't walk 60-miles because I like to walk. I walk 60-miles for the opportunity to be completely emotionally invested in a moment.  



Giving Tuesday



We have a challenge for you! Help us celebrate #GivingTuesday!




Our team is officially kicking off our online fundraising for 2014 by celebrating ‘Giving Tuesday’.  It is a national movement during the holidays that is dedicated to charitable giving. The goal is to encourage people everywhere including retailers, charities, online organizations, community centers, individuals and families to come together with one common purpose; to help others and incentivize ways to give more, give smarter and celebrate by contributing and volunteering.


If you choose to donate to Team Coconutter Strutters, you can do so by picking your favorite coconut and sponsoring him or her for their 2014 event! 


2014 Coconuts

Dina P.  [Mounds Coconut]

Susie G.  [Coconut]

Char C.  [Marathon Coconut]

Robyn P.  [Wing Nut]

Becky L.  [Sassy Coconut]

Kim A.  [Nurse Nut]

Carrie T.  [Cookie Coconut]

Heidi S.  [Clear’ly Nuts]

Lisa S.  [R.egistered N.ut]

Sandy R.  [Country Coconut]

Kristi M.  [Crafty Coconut]

Molly M.  [Baby Nut]

Christina L.  [Coconut]

Heather D.  [Agent Coconut]

Catherine B.  [Queenie Coconut]

Vanessa D.  [Lead Coconut]

Angela R.  [Hazardous Coconut]

Holly J. [Hollywood Coconut]

Vicki E.  [Crash Coconut]

Jim D. [Koo Koo Coconut]

Heidi D. [Dancing Coconuts]


We have been very fortunate to have the support of an amazing community.  We can’t thank you enough and If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know!

60 Mile Secrets!


Crazy for a Cure?


There is a fairly good chance that you have heard about October being ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month.  Pink ribbons accent the fall colors around Michigan and the publicity of Saving Second Base or Supporting the Girls really does work!  Our team has been blessed with the most amazing supporters but when we promoted fundraising events almost every weekend this month, our supporters stood behind us the entire way (even if they thought we were crazy)! 

Between Bras for a Cause, Tackle for a Cure, Cookies for a Cure and our annual Halloween Party

you helped us raise over $15,000! 

Thank you!  That’s enough to provide over 125 life saving mammograms! 

What a great start for our 2014 goals – Michigan and Twin Cities, we hope you’re ready for a crazy bunch of coconuts!  Enjoy the outtake video below for an idea of how crazy we are for a cure.  (During the Michigan event this year, a sweep van drove by with a fun poem on the written on the window.  We’ll never forget it!)



Thank you to everyone who came out to the Halloween party!