Race for the Cure

This post is dedicated to Christina, a friend that I met while preparing for the 3Day walk last year.  Christina and I are the same age, we both went to WMU (although, I don’t think we crossed paths back then) and we are both very familiar with the 1 in 8 statistic.   Did you know that 1 in 8 women are at risk for breast cancer?  DSC01864

Here’s Christina and her aunt at the 3Day walk this summer- Christina was a true walker-stalker and her aunt worked on the medical crew and kept us on our feet!

When Christina asked if I would be interested in participating in the Race for the Cure, I thought sure!  Sadly, she was not able to attend due to her recent diagnoses of thyroid cancer.   So here’s a photo-log for Christina as she continues to heal from her recent surgeries and prepares for the next couple weeks of Radioactive Iodine Ablation (RAI) treatment.  (More details can be found on her blog:  http://butterflylights.blogspot.com.)

DSC02020First, kudos's to my hubby for wearing pink with me!

DSC02023 6,300 runners & walkers!


Sorry, I had to!  3Day walkers can appreciate a pink port-a-potty!


Quick photo shoot before the event!  I think this is ‘Flick’ from Celebration Cinema.


So many people!


Taking over the streets!


More people behind us! 


Love this shirt!


Homer Depot!


Pep band to keep us marching along…


Big Boy!




The weather was just perfect, amazingly we did not get rained on!  Next year we will have a team- including Christina!  The Race for the Cure was like a mini-version of the 3Day walk.  So many supporters and volunteers and the enthusiasm of the walkers was incredible!  When you participate and support events like this, there is so much hope surrounding you that can’t help but have positive thoughts that a cure for cancer is near


  1. Ahhh I love it! :) My mom, aunt, and a few cousins walked the 1 mile but sadly they took no pictures! We are definitely on for next years Race for the Cure and 3-Day! Thanks Vanessa - you are fantabulous girlie!

    PS: Did you know the thyroid cancer rate is growing faster than any other cancer rate? Don't forget to Check Your Neck!

  2. That is indeed Flick the Movie Kid from Celebration! Cinema! We posted a few of our pictures in our Facebook group - check them out and tag yourself if you're in any of them:



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