super bowl squares

Congrats to the super bowl square winners!  4 of the Coconutter Strutters sold squares to help raise money for their $2,300 goal to walk in the Breast Cancer 3Day this August.  Thank you to everyone who helped with this!  Collectively we raised $1,700!!!  What a great way to start out the year!

Holly’s winners are… 

1st Quarter: Randi Walters

2nd Quarter: Melissa & Vern Johnson

3rd Quarter: Jason Heyboer

Final Score: Vicki & Dan Ellis

Rose’s winners are…

1st Quarter: Matt Stemple

2nd Quarter: Dr. Barbara Bleyaert

3rd Quarter: Dr. Perry Francis

Final Score: Jeanie Lisk-High

Julie’s winners are…

1st Quarter: Coconutter Strutters

2nd Quarter: Danny Reyes

3rd Quarter: Coconutter Strutters

Final Score: Coconutter Strutters

Vanessa’s winners are…

1st Quarter:  Bill Smith

2nd Quarter:  Kim Vanderwest

3rd Quarter:  Bob Mason

Final Score:  Jeremy Prieve


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