Fund Raising in Full Swing!

We’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… on a mission!

One of my favorite things about a team… the group events!  Team Coconutter Strutters started with just 3 friends then grew to 4, then 9 and now we’re over 20!  I don’t think we have truly realized the impact we have when we’re all on the same mission. 

This past weekend the team was out in full force, dressed in pink, raising awareness and collecting donations.  If you think you’ve run out of ideas… hopefully one of these will inspire you!

Group #1- organized by Laura from Just B-Cause:  Shop for a Cure! (Still counting $… to-date over $700 raised!)

Raffle Items, Silent Auction, Pink Photo Shoot & 60 different vendors selling their goodies.  

Here we are:  “Newest” Coconut, Iron Coconut, Lead Coconut, Hollywood Coconut, Cordial Coconut, Kooky Coconut, Dancing Coconut, Rock Star Coconut, Clever Coconut & Marathon Coconut (not pictured, Nuthead Coconut).

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Group #2, Silly & Nutty Coconut hit the town with Pink Goats! (Over $1,000 raised!)

This has got to be one of the most creative ideas… find a couple goats, dress them in pink and go door to door.  Request a donation… if you don’t follow through with a donation, the goats stay in your yard!

People didn’t think they really had goats and they cracked up laughing when they came out and looked in the back of the truck!  (HAHAHA)

goats5 goats2



Group #3, Save Second Base- Yard Sale, hosted by Momma, Baby & Loco Coconut! (Nearly $1,000 raised!)

You know the drill… collect and sort and collect and sort all of your friends junk… then resell it to raise a few bucks.  It’s amazing to see all the goodies that surface! 

Here is Baby-Nut with our favorite ‘walker-stalker’.  As you can see, orange is the new pink! 


What an amazing weekend!  We’re getting close but we could still use your help to reach our goal.  Each walker must raise a minimum of $2,300 to walk.  Check out our progress and donate to a coconut at www.the3day.org/goto/coconutterstrutters


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