Training- yes, it’s important!

I’ll admit, I underestimated the importance of training the first time I prepared for the Breast Cancer 3 Day.  It’s amazing how much a blister can ruin your mood!  Many 3Day walkers follow a 24 week training schedule, we are currently just over 1/2 walk and log an average of 20-30 miles a week.

In my view, there are just 3 basic elements of a good training walk. 


Nothing beats a nice long girl talk… oh, I mean a nice long training walk. 


2.  GEAR (Waist Pack/Shoes/Socks)

I am a HUGE fan of this pack.  It has 2 large pockets and one of them is waterproof!  I’ll typically have sun block, blister block, blister band-aids, moleskin (pre-cut) and Bayer in one pocket along with food, camera, cell phone and cash in the other.  Oh, and of course a full water bottle (I tend to fill it with my own powder mixed Gatorade and then refill with water along the way).


Learn from me… don’t forget your car key.

And don’t forget your shades!

3.27 TW

Another fun thing… a stress ball.  After say 4 to 6 miles on a hot day your fingers magically into sausages.  A stress ball or tennis ball is a huge help… or you can stick with spirit fingers at every corner and car honk.

sausage fingers

Socks- I love, love, love WrightSocks!  They should just call them “NoBlisterSock”.  Shoes- Brooks go the distance but I still love the look of my New Balance

sock SHOES


Stop to stretch in a slip & slide.


Stop to pee, preferably at a local golf course with complimentary items.


Stop to refuel… ice cream with sprinkles, you’ve earned it!


Stop for a photo op or two!


No, we did not coordinate our outfits… it’s just part of the 3Day addiction.  Trust me.DSC02271

Stop for sprinklers!


Stop for all amusing lawn ornaments. 


Stop for small children who love you.


Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.  ~Henry David Thoreau

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