Congratulations 2011 MI 3 Day Walkers!

Thank you to all of the walkers who participated in the MI 3Day event this year! Team Coconutter Strutters raised over $20,000 and collectively all of the Michigan walkers and crew raised over $4 million! Amazing! (the following is a recap in the eyes of a 'walker-stalker')

The fundraising... the distance... the time commitment, it always feels like a challenge but during the 3 days on event it doesn't matter that the weather isn't perfect and your feet are screaming at you. The only thing that matters... our survivors, our loved ones, our friends and family who are fighting to live.

  • Thank you to Courtne, Kim, Marci, Katie, Rachel, Karyn, Lynn, Dannon and Dan for walking as a 'coconut'.
  • Thank you for Kristi for crewing!
  • Thank you to everyone who took the time to be a part of this event.
  • Thank you to the people who came out during the cheering stations and with a bewildered look on their face asked "what's this all about?"
  • Thank you to the communities who literally stopped traffic so the river of pink could flow though.
  • Thank you to the woman who came up to me on the last day and asked who I was because she remembered my aunt.

If you wanna skip right to the good stuff... here are the pictures that Julie (Kooky Coconut), my husband and I took. Enjoy!

Click here to view these pictures larger


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