A Moment

As a participant of the 3-day, we receive emails to help keep us on track and updated on everything we need to know prior to the event. Last week, the email touched on ways to fundraise and to our surprise our team was pictured at the top!

How cool is that?  

I try to write these blog posts on behalf of the team, but as the captain I can't begin to explain the emotions that hit me when I look at this picture. At this precise moment I was standing on the opening stage trying my hardest not to cry my eyes out as I explain in a few short sentences "why I walk". The photographer just happened to catch my team as I spoke with a shaky voice. The look on their faces and the tears in their eyes had nothing to do with walking but everything to do with that moment where every single one of us recalled the reason we walk. 

You've got to admit, walking 60-miles sounds pretty extreme. But if for just one moment during those 60-miles, we can feel empowered enough that we made a difference in a cancer free future ... We will never stop. If for just one moment we can feel the presence of someone we have lost ... We will never stop. 

I don't walk 60-miles because I like to walk. I walk 60-miles for the opportunity to be completely emotionally invested in a moment.  


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