Fundraising Friday - NEW COCONUTS!

Maxine Przybylowicz and Karen Pearson are new to our team but not to the 3-Day event. 

Maxine, Karen and Victoria on event in 2013

This year is Karen’s 9th year participating in the 3-Day and Maxine’s 6th year.  They are mother and daughter. Karen will be walking and Maxine will be crewing this year.  Karen was injured in a car accident in December and has undergone knee surgery and weeks of therapy. However, she is determined to walk again this year.  She says she may be slower than usual but she will do it.  Any of you that have taken part knows that feeling, it's just something you have to do.  Karen wasn't sure she would be able to walk this year so she is behind in her fundraising. 

If you would like to donate to Karen, please click here


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